Inspired by the King of Pop, SMOOTH is a thesis film produced by School of Visual Arts college student Josh Wein.


Enamored by Michael's talent and drive to help others, SMOOTH was created in tribute to honor Jackson's legacy and bring forth a film that brought fans, both old and new, together.


That said, SMOOTH is not re-creation of the original and legendary music video. It is instead a spin on the lyrics from the song.


*     *     *


Taking place in the mid 20th century, our story follows Detective M as he searches after the man responsible for the kidnapping of Antonio Bonilla's wife, Annie.


The chase carries the duo and their team of detectives across rooftops, trains, city streets and the countryside all while fending off hoards of gangsters working under the "the Boss."


*     *     *


Created with sincere passion and love, SMOOTH is a reminder that the King of Pop was not only a musician, humanitarian, and entertainer.


In the eyes of many, he was their hero.


To this day, even after his death, he is still their hero.


And from the hearts and souls of his fans, we say together:



Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Foley Sound Artist, Post Sound Mixer, Casting Director, Storyboard Artist, Location Scout, Colorist

Josh Wein


Co-Producer, 1st Assistant Director, Unit Production Manager, Special FX Editing, Casting Assistant, Location Scout

Ryan Grippi


Co-Producer, 2nd Assistant Director, Unit Production Manager, Art Director (Costume, Makeup, Set Decoration) Script Consultant, Location Scout

Agatha Salvatierra


3rd Assistant Director, Co-Writer, Art Department Assistant, Location Scout

Nick Grippi


Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Special FX Editing

Snyder Derival


Director of Photography, Gaffer

Tracy Landon


1st Assistant Camera, Foley Mixer, Location Scout

Louis Nicotri


2nd Assistant Camera, Key Grip

Chris Cobo

3rd Assistant Camera, Production Assistant, Script Consultant

Angel Cardenas


Behind the Scenes Cameraman, Foley Mixer, Grip, Production Assistant, Location Scout

Sean Lonesky


Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Paul Magnusson


Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, Casting Assistant, Production Assistant

Varyana Galdamez


Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Garrett Rode


Boom Operator, Production Assistant, Location Scout

Marco Ponzo


Boom Operator

Phil McCain


Dance Choreographers

Ryan Leveille & Melissa Gaudet


Gaffer, Grip

Mike Saburov


Production Assistants

Saskia Cohen, Richard Smith, Alli Zentgraf, Diego Zelaya, Taylor Knoedl


Vehicles Provided by

Richard Smith, Kaitlynn Faith Cohen, Joanne Wein, Sergio Javier Aguilar Ortiz


Script Consultants

Jay Choi, Christian Reiman, Cameron Trentalange, Dj Clark, Taylor Knoedl, Roni Wheeler


Catering & Craft, Script Consultant

Joanne Wein


Thesis Advisor

Roni Wheeler

Dedicated Donation Team

With the help of over 84 donors, Smooth's Indiegogo compaign raised $2,605.

Without the help of the Dedicated Donation Team, Smooth could not have been pushed into production.

Here we pay tribute to the friends, family and pretty young things who made the entire project possible.